Power Blackouts and Your Data

A few years ago Central Sydney was plunged into chaos due to a massive peak-hour power outage that forced the closure of major road links, blacked out traffic lights and left hundreds of buildings in darkness.

The problem started around 4.40pm on a Monday just before peak-hour, when one of four power cables that supply two major sub stations in central Sydney failed.

The power cut knocked out 137 sets of traffic lights and left 70,000 homes and businesses in Sydney without electricity after a 132,000-volt cable failed, triggering an automatic shutdown. Roads, including the tunnel under Sydney harbour, were closed and dozens of people had to be rescued from lifts.

The social network Twitter was overwhelmed with messages from workers across central Sydney. The huge amount of commentary about the power failure saw the term "Blackout" reach the number one twitter term trending globally in less than an hour.

What were you doing at 4:40pm yesterday? Probably finishing off your daily work or even preparing for the upcoming week. Either way you would have been busy, and because it was close to the end of the day, your mind would have been focussed on finishing your work rather than saving it, and just like that...Gone!

A business that chooses to ignore the reality of data protection is like a guy driving an uninsured Ferrari on a country road. A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is like having onsite insurance for your data & for a relatively small price you could protect & save your hard work.

Get a UPS to protect your systems, and the next blackout will be a long lunch break instead of a huge headache!