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DT-MS4021 | 10 Outlet Home Theatre Multimedia Power Board with Surge Protection

Average ETA for Additional Units  2-3 Days
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Perfect addition for your home theatre, music gear or for home office setups. Each unit features 10 surge and spike protected outputs, including 2 wide outputs for large power adaptors. Also includes 2 x USB ports for charging Smartphones and Tablets.

Surge protection and EMI/RFI filtering are provided for the mains power to all your equipment and each socket is protected three ways: through active, neutral and earth. Additional protection is provided by the built-in circuit breaker.

These powerboards also have telephone protection (1 input, two outputs so doubles as a splitter), data protection for a network connection, satellite / cable TV video protection, and protection for the TV antenna. 


  • 10 surge and spike protected outputs
  • Separate telephone/data line and TV antenna/cable TV surge and spike protection
  • 10 amp resettable overload circuit breaker
  • Flame retardant enclosure
  • Protection neon indicators
  • Recessed power switch 
  • Two outlets spaced further apart to accept larger power adaptors

Power Filter:

  • Surge protection: Metal oxide varistors
  • Supply voltage: 230-240V 
  • Current rating: 10A max. 2400W
  • Protection mode: A-N, N-E, E-A
  • Max surge current: : 52,000A
  • Typical capacitance: 400pF
  • Clamping voltage (@50A): <775V
  • Energy absorption: 1550J
  • Response time: < 2 ns
  • Filtration : EMI /RFI

Telephone Line Protection:

  • Filter type: Gas tube arrestor
  • Surge current: 1200A (1KV/µs)
  • Impulse discharge current: 10KA (8/20µs)
  • Capacitance: - Clamping voltage: 600V
  • TV Surge Protection: Gas tube arrestor
  • DC Strike Voltage: 230 to max. 600 volts
  • Surge current: 4500A
  • Energy Dissipation: 225 joules

Leads included:

  • 1.8m TV coax plug to TV coax plug
  • 1.8m RJ45 to RJ45
  • 1.8m RJ45 to RJ12
  • 1.8m F61 plug to F61 plug


  • 360(L) x 125(W) x 32(H)mm