High Temperature Appliance Cord - Black

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DT-K3741 | Black AUS/NZ 3-pin Male to IEC-C15 Female Power Cord - Australian Standards Approved

Average ETA for Additional Units  2-3 Days
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These IEC-C15 to Australian 3-Pin power cords are rated for high-temperature equipment and fitted with connectors on these cables are designed for different male-female pairing. 10-Amp AC hot appliance cords with elastomer flex as required by many kitchen appliances and computer servers.

Fitted with high-temperature, notched-type IEC-C15 connector and Australian 3-pin mains plug with insulated pins compliant with AS/NZS3112.

These cables are designed to meet Australian rating standards, as IEC-C15 & IEC-C16 connectors are traditionally associated with equipment that have a lightly elevated temperature.

Ideal for some CISCO hardware, kitchens and high temperature operating equipment - Australian Standards Approved & Fully Tested.

  • Colour: Black
  • Australian Standards Approved
  • 1 x AUS/NZ 3 Pin Male Plug
  • 1 x IEC C15 Female Socket
  • 10 Amp
Part Number Product Description
DT-K3741 1M Power Cord Australian 3-pin Plug to IEC-C15 Socket 10 Amp
DT-K3741-020 2M Power Cord Australian 3-pin Plug to IEC-C15 Socket 10 Amp