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UTPx-KEY | Key Lock Removal Tool for Lockable Ethernet Patch Lead

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This patented design Key or Lock Clip Removal Tool is used to remove the locking clip from any Dueltek Lockable Patch Lead.

Once the red Locking Clip is inserted and locked in place, it can only be removed by using this Lock Removal Tool. 

Lockable Patch Leads are ideal for protecting your network equipment from unauthorised access or unexpected disconnections. Used all over the world to secure data ports in hotels, schools and hospitals - Can you afford not to have this level of protection?


  • Lock Clip Removal Tool
  • Designed for use with Dueltek Lockable Patch Leads

Manufactured Under One or More of the Following Patents:

- China: 201220384684.6, 201220384683.1

- Taiwan: M439933, M441250

- USA: 8529284

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UTPx-KEY Key Lock Removal Tool - Key for Lockable Patch Leads