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SMK | Smart King Line Interactive with LCD Display - PCM Powercom

Average ETA for Additional Units  1-2 Days
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Smart King Line Interactive PSW, LCD Display, IEC outlets, Serial & USB interface for Upsmon Software, Web Card Slot, External Battery Connector

  • LCD display front panel Cold Start (DC Power On)
  • Pure sine wave output less than 3% THD. Guarantees trouble free running of all electrical equipment. True On-Line double conversion design. Guarantees transfer less and regulated pure sine wave power to the critical load/s under all conditions.
  • Wide input voltage range +/- 27% of nominal
  • Smart RS-232 communication port. Superior system control and UPS monitoring through the UPSMON Power Management Software that is shipped with every Ultimate UPS SNMP management capability. Easy connection to a network of any Ultimate, in either single or multiple configurations, to facilitate remote UPS management.
  • Management software compatible Power Factor correction. Lowers running costs by reducing the input power drawn from the mains supply.
  • Overload and short circuit protection Load and battery status indicator
  • Fan speed auto control when load varies Versatile, modular design provide flexibility
  • Extended back up time with optional battery packs Advanced battery management (ABM) Optimises battery usage and extends battery life.
  • Battery power and load meter display Compact size, light weight and low noise
  • Automatic Bypass. Maintains continuous power to the critical loads.
  • Double CPU control. A major advance in design that enhances the reliability of the Ultimate UPS and provides precise and stable power to the critical load/s at all times.
  • Three Year Warranty. Covers all parts and labour including batteries. (Extended warranty options are also available).
  • C-Tick EMC & Safety Approved. Reflects the real quality and reliability of Smart King UPS and their suitability for any application.
  • Bundled with UPSMON monitoring & shutdown software (for WIN, Novell & Linux o/s)
Part Number Product Description
SMK-600A-LCD Smart King 600VA Line Interactive UPS with Free Upsmon Software
SMK-1000A-LCD Smart King 1000VA Line Interactive UPS with Free Upsmon Software
SMK-1500A-LCD Smart King 600VA Line Interactive UPS with Free Upsmon Software
SMK-2000A-LCD Smart King 2000VA Line Interactive UPS with Free Upsmon Software
SMK-3000A-LCD Smart King 3000VA Line Interactive UPS with Free Upsmon Software