VGA Monitor Lead - Slim 5 Coaxial

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UXGA-xx-MM | Flexible Slim VGA Male to Male Monitor Cable - 5 Coaxial

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These super flexible slim VGA HD15 cables with mini space saving connectors are ideal for short run applications up to 7.5 Metres.

They offer the same performance & resolution as the thicker version, but have greater functionality due to the slim & flexible design.

  • 5 Coaxial + 7 Control Wire
  • Foil and Braid Shielded
  • Jacket: Soft PVC
  • Outer Diameter: 7mm
  • Designed with strain relief mould
  • Thumb screws with screwdriver slot for easy installation
  • Connectors: 15 Pin Male HD15 at each end
Part Number Product Description
UXGA-02-MM 2M VGA (5+7) Mini 7mm OD Cable M/M with Nickel Connectors
UXGA-03-MM 3M VGA (5+7) Mini 7mm OD Cable M/M with Gold Connectors