Screen Keeper » ID Card

Screen Keeper is designed for corporations and individuals who cannot afford to risk exposing valuable or confidential data to others. Your work may be sensitive in nature or worth millions. Either way, in a typical office environment you may have people circulating that you don't really know. Even the most trusted colleagues could be tempted to peek at your private information.

Screen Keeper allows you the freedom to move around the office without having to worry about your precious and confidential data being leaked or stolen. Screen Keeper is programmed to detect if you are within a set distance range of your PC by using 2.4Ghz wireless technology.

When you are near your computer, Screen Keeper is dormant, allowing you to work as normal. Once you move outside the set range, Screen Keeper automatically turns on and locks your screen down. It will automatically detect when you are back within range and turn your monitor back on. Using the most advanced AES Encryption security, each Screen Keeper pairs with its own unique USB Dongle. Neither component can be interchanged with any other device, including other Screen Keeper products.

Practical and stylish, Screen Keeper looks like a standard ID badge which can be worn around your neck or attached to your existing Security/ID badge. It is the perfect solution to keep away those spying eyes!

Another great feature is Screen Keeper’s energy saving mode. Screen Keeper can be setup to not only lock the monitor while your away from your desk, but to also automatically power down your monitor. This will save energy and money. As soon as you return to your desk, the monitor turns back on again.