AT&T FiberLine Cabling Systems Australia

AT&T FiberLine - LAN Fiber-Optic End-to-End Solutions

AT&T Optical Fiber Cabling Systems provides complete and state-of-the-art LAN cabling solutions and components for all needs of enterprise customers. The high-performance network infrastructure solutions based on innovative designs and highly advanced technology are the first choice for all applications. Combining unmatched reliability with the unparalleled AT&T Millennium™ Lifetime warranty, AT&T Cabling Systems is your key to years of fail-safe and trouble-free operation, minimizing system downtime and maximizing your profits.

AT&T Indoor Outdoor Tight Buffer Fiber Cable Indoor/Outdoor
Tight Buffer
AT&T FiberLine Patch Panels Patch Panels
Patch Leads Couplers
AT&T FiberLine Pigtails Pigtails AT&T Rapid LC/UPC Fiber Connector


Dueltek stock a selected range in Australia. For more AT&T product options, please visit the AT&T website or contact us for a quote.

CLICK HERE For a list of the ACMA RCM Labelling Register of Exempt Cable Items