2.5mm UV Nylon Zip Lock

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CT98BK-100 | Nylon Zip lock cable ties for all types of cables

Average ETA for Additional Units  1-2 Days
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Providing cable support is critical to ensure your cable installation is secure. 

The zip-lock head allows for quick and easy use.

The halogen free range of standard nylon cable ties meet the most basic of cable tie needs, with choices suitable for a wide range of size and strength requirements.

The one piece, injection moulded construction provides maximum strength and adjustability for securing all sizes of bundles. Extra features such as rounded edges and bent tip design make installation fast, easy, accurate and secure. 

Installation tools are not required but are suggested where controlled, uniform tension and cut-off applications are desired.

Note: Exterior applications should use black (UV stabilised) ties.

  • Colour: Black
  • 100 ties per Pack
  • Warranty: 1 Year