Digital Cable Height Meter

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DCHM-023 | Indoor / Outdoor Digital Cable Height Meter

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This digital cable height meter sends a short ultrasonic burst. To calculate the distance, the meter sensor picks up an ultrasonic signal which is bounced from the object to determine exact range.

Designed for measuring the height of indoor or outdoor transmission, distribution, telephone or electrical lines. It can also be used to check the overhead clearance and horizontal distance such as pole span.

  • Specially designed for non-contact vertical and horizontal distance mearsurement.
  • Range of up to 23M
  • Inherently safe and easy to operate
  • Metric or imperial selection options
  • Simultaneously measure up to 6 wires 
  • Auto temperature compensation
  • Auto power-off after 2 minutes
  • Low battery indicator
    Part Number Product Description
    DCHM-023 Indoor / Outdoor Digital Cable Height Meter