VGA cables just won't die

VGA Cables just won't die as the demand for this analog video is still common in current environments. Analog VGA installation leads are still some of the most sought after popular products by the greater population of AV Company's and Installers alike.

Addressing the growing demand for professional AV installations in boardrooms, schools, offices and recreational clubs, AV installation engineers look to Dueltek Distribution for fast, cost effective cabling solutions to get the professional finish they require for their clients AV installation.

Having a lounge room with a 51cm television in the corner and a CD/tape combo stereo on the shelf are certainly things of the past now that everyone wants the best digital home theatre setup. Fully functional surround sound with large screen and beer on tap. Well this is what we all deserve, right?

Video conferencing and Interactive Whiteboard technology is the new way of teaching, training and entertaining. Dueltek is proud to be at the forefront of this revolution by designing AV cables and accessories to suit all situations. Easy to install plug & play applications, interchangeable wall plates that actually fit, cables that don't wear out or lose the signal and perfect sound & picture clarity!

When buying VGA, DVI, RGBHV BNC, S-Video, RCA Composite, RGB Component, DisplayPort and HDMI Cables, it is important to ensure they are designed and manufactured to strict specifications & guidelines. Both the male and female connectors and pins should be plated with corrosion resistant gold for better connectivity.