VGA cables just won't die

VGA Cables just won't die as the demand for this analog video is still common in current environments. Analog VGA installation leads are still some of the most sought after popular products by the greater population of AV Company's and Installers alike.

Addressing the growing demand for professional AV installations in boardrooms, schools, offices and recreational clubs, AV installation engineers look to Dueltek Distribution for fast, cost effective cabling solutions to get the professional finish they require for their clients AV installation.

Having a lounge room with a 51cm television in the corner and a CD/tape combo stereo on the shelf are certainly things of the past now that everyone wants the best digital home theatre setup. Fully functional surround sound with large screen and beer on tap. Well this is what we all deserve, right?

Video conferencing and Interactive Whiteboard technology is the new way of teaching, training and entertaining. Dueltek is proud to be at the forefront of this revolution by designing AV cables and accessories to suit all situations. Easy to install plug & play applications, interchangeable wall plates that actually fit, cables that don't wear out or lose the signal and perfect sound & picture clarity!

When buying VGA, DVI, RGBHV BNC, S-Video, RCA Composite, RGB Component, DisplayPort and HDMI Cables, it is important to ensure they are designed and manufactured to strict specifications & guidelines. Both the male and female connectors and pins should be plated with corrosion resistant gold for better connectivity.

CAT5e vs CAT6

Have you ever asked yourself; what is the difference between Cat 5e & Cat 6 Ethernet cables? They look & feel the same, and they both do the same job, right? - Wrong.

The difference relates to the design specifications & manufacturing of the cable & can be summed up in one word: Speed!

Bandwidth precedes data rates just as highways come before traffic. Doubling the bandwidth is like adding twice the number of lanes on a highway, thus allowing more traffic to travel at faster speeds.

The trends of the past and the predictions for the future indicate that data rates have been doubling every 18 months. Applications running at 1 Gb/s are really pushing the limits of Category 5 Enhanced cabling, which means now is the time to think about upgrading to CAT6.

Because of its improved transmission performance and superior immunity from external noise, systems operating over Category 6 (CAT6) cabling will have fewer errors compared to Category 5 Enhanced (CAT5e) for current applications. This means fewer re-transmissions of lost or corrupted data packets under certain conditions, which translates into higher reliability for Cat6 networks compared to Cat5e networks.

Certified CAT6 cables are fully backward compatible with CAT5e, CAT5, and CAT3. If different category components are used with CAT6 components, then the channel will achieve the transmission performance of the lower category. For instance, if CAT6 cable is used with a CAT5e switch, the channel will only perform at a CAT5e level.

Power Blackouts and Your Data

A few years ago Central Sydney was plunged into chaos due to a massive peak-hour power outage that forced the closure of major road links, blacked out traffic lights and left hundreds of buildings in darkness.

The problem started around 4.40pm on a Monday just before peak-hour, when one of four power cables that supply two major sub stations in central Sydney failed.

The power cut knocked out 137 sets of traffic lights and left 70,000 homes and businesses in Sydney without electricity after a 132,000-volt cable failed, triggering an automatic shutdown. Roads, including the tunnel under Sydney harbour, were closed and dozens of people had to be rescued from lifts.

The social network Twitter was overwhelmed with messages from workers across central Sydney. The huge amount of commentary about the power failure saw the term "Blackout" reach the number one twitter term trending globally in less than an hour.

What were you doing at 4:40pm yesterday? Probably finishing off your daily work or even preparing for the upcoming week. Either way you would have been busy, and because it was close to the end of the day, your mind would have been focussed on finishing your work rather than saving it, and just like that...Gone!

A business that chooses to ignore the reality of data protection is like a guy driving an uninsured Ferrari on a country road. A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is like having onsite insurance for your data & for a relatively small price you could protect & save your hard work.

Get a UPS to protect your systems, and the next blackout will be a long lunch break instead of a huge headache!

9 Fine Cable Connection Tips

9 Fine Cable Connection Tips

Follow these general rules of thumb to get the best signal transmission and performance results from your cables.

1 - Safety first! Make sure your equipment is turned off before connecting any new cables.

2 - Because they can introduce interference into the signal, try to keep power cords a few inches away from signal cords.

3 - When cables meet, try to minimise contact between the two by crossing them at 90 degree angles where they do intersect.

4 - If an interconnect cable has arrows printed on its jacket, hook it up so that the arrow is pointing away from the signal source, and toward the destination. In these types of cables, the shield is grounded only on the end that connects to the audio or video source, so that interference will drain away from the destination end of the cable.

5 - Avoid kinking or bending cable to prevent signal loss.

6 - Don't try to stretch or make a short cable extend farther than it can reach - This can put stress on the connector and dielectric, and potentially cause damage. Buy a longer cable, if necessary. (This is especially important for optical interconnects.)

7 - Don't keep excess cable lying in loops. Arrange it in an "S" shape or a figure-eight instead; this can help minimise EMI (electromagnetic interference).

8 - Check your connections every year or so to make sure they're not loose. You'll also want to look for corrosion around metal plugs, especially if you're using a low-quality cable.

9 - Label your cables so that you know which cables go where in case you have to move your system. Colour-coded cables will keep your audio, video, speaker, and power cables clearly identified.

DIY Light Switch Labels

Using genuine Clipsal 30 Series Mech switches, why not create your own unique identifying labels and images customised to suit your home, school or office?
Light switches and power outlets with printed labels can be used in any room to quickly and easily identify the switches that turns on different lights, fans or heaters.
All Dueltek Custom Designed Wall Plates, including the 30 Series Mech switches are printed with eco-friendly, smudge resistant ink which will last for years. These genuine Clipsal Mech Switches can be used in all 30 Series Mech style Gang Wall Plates.

CLICK HERE to see the full range of Genuine Clipsal 30 Series Mech Switches from Dueltek Distribution.

TRENDnet Launch AC3200 Tri-Band Router

TRENDnet launch new AC3200 Tri-Band Wireless Router at CES 2015.

TRENDnet's AC3200 Tri Band Wireless Router, model TEW-828DRU, a next generation WiFi router featuring three concurrent wireless networks - two separate ultra-performance 1,300 Mbps WiFi AC networks and a 600 Mbps WiFi N network.

This fantastic new product will be available in Australia and New Zealand from Dueltek Distribution later this year.

Wireless HDMI in your home

Kramer KW-11 HDMI Wireless Transmitter / Receiver Set

The Kramer KW-11 HDMI Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Set is ideal for transmitting a HDMI signal wirelessly up to 12 Metres. Perfect for applications where cabling is not an option, such as rental homes or buildings with solid walls.

Christmas & New Years Trading

Dueltek Distribution will be closed from midday Wednesday 24 December 2014 for a short Christmas and New Years break. We will re-open again at 9am Monday 5 January 2015.

Any orders received during this period will be processed when we return.

TRENDnet GREENnet Switch featured in ECD Solutions

TRENDnet GREENnet switches are featured in the December 2014 edition of ECD Solutions Magazine.

CLICK HERE to read the magazine online - The TRENDnet TEG-S24Dg feature is on page 31.

WiFi Baby Cam from TRENDnet

TRENDnet's WiFi Baby Cam, model TV-IP743SIC, allows you to monitor your baby from any internet connection. After a brief installation, simply open a web browser or app to view live video on your mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

TRENDnet's free CloudView app brings live video to Apple® and Android™ mobile devices. Hear and comfort your baby with the built in microphone and speaker. See your baby in complete darkness with night vision (5 meters, 16 ft.). Setup motion and sound detection to receive video clips via email.